North Carolina's Premiere Wedding Videographer

Born in 1987. Filming since 2012.

A father, husband, ex-soldier, leader, creative, and dreamer are a few words that would describe me in a nutshell.

I made a promise to my mother that I would be one of the best. Every day that I wake up, I make sure every step I take leads me in that direction. I not only enjoy filming because it's fun and I get to travel; I film because it's a once in a lifetime event for my client, it's the small business that wants to produce their first commercial for television, it's someones 40th anniversary.

I cannot fail, I will not fail. That is what makes my business better than the rest.

Filming allows me to escape the world for that time being. Once I set up all of my camera equipment, its as if nothing else matters but that moment and finding the moments no one else notices is what I feel creates the best films.

I look forward to capturing your amazing wedding day.

Chaz I. Reid