Terms + Conditions


Terms & Conditions:

The following terms and conditions are set out to help all parties be aware of and clear about the services provided for their services and the responsibilities of all parties involved.  The booking form and these terms and conditions, form an integral part of the booking contract and there will be no variation unless accepted in writing by both parties.



Client: Client shall supply scripts, storyboards, product props, production notes, music, celebrity talent, creative guidance/supervision, and related clearances, unless otherwise noted in the Client Proposal (if applicable). Producer is not responsible for Editorial/Post Production subcontract. Client will supply track or musical composition(s) and rights clearances unless otherwise specified.

Producer: Producer shall deliver the completed project media(s) pursuant to this Agreement and the requirements of Client Proposal (if applicable). Producer shall deliver to Client consents, waivers or releases from all talent and all persons or entities that have rendered services to Producer in connection with the Specified Media(s) to the extent permissible by applicable union or guild agreements. Producer shall supply everything else required for the delivery of the specified media(s) unless exceptions are so noted in Client Proposal (if applicable). 


If at anytime, Client desires to make any changes or variations from the script(s) or storyboard(s) in the specified media(s) or from any material or work in progress, and such changes result in additional costs to Producer, Producer agrees to notify the Client of the amount before any such additional costs are incurred and Producer shall proceed only after receiving approval (written or oral) from Authorized Representative, approval by Client shall be binding and incorporated into the terms of this Agreement. Reimbursement for such additional costs shall be payable in accordance with the terms of this Agreement for final payment.


Producer will require client to pay for moderate accommodating overnight lodging if the location of the video shoot requires producer to travel more than 100 miles from Fayetteville, NC. Client will reserve overnight accommodations for each separate Chaz Reid Films videographer/employee and a guest of each employee. Should the video shoot location be more than 75 miles from Fayetteville, NC, client will pay for travel expenses including gasoline and meals per videographer only. If more than 200 miles from Fayetteville, NC, and client will pay for public transportation (airfare) for all videographer employees.


Producer understands that some information for said media(s) may be of a confidential and/or sensitive nature. Producer agrees, at Client’s written request, to require, within reason, those engaged for the production to sign appropriate agreements not to discuss or disclose information about the product or the Specified Media(s) except as such disclosure may be necessary for Producer to produce media(s) in the usual and customary manner under this Agreement.


Client understands that the specified terms of payment under this Agreement are based upon timely payments: 25% deposit is due prior to production (with signed contract), 75% due prior to or at the time of production. If Client chooses to defer paying any amount beyond the date on which it is due, Client may be charged at the Producer’s discretion, as additional consideration, an amount equal to the current prime rate +2% (as charged by Producer’s bank from time to time) on unpaid amounts until paid, compounded monthly. Payment can be made by cash, money order, cashiers check and we also have the ability to pay by debit/credit card thru our PayPal account. Ownership of the media does not transfer until full payment is made to Producer.


Client will be notified immediately when the final product is ready. Normal editing (including one revision) and completion times are 4-6 weeks but can be affected by options selected and complexity of the film.

During the peak wedding season (May through September), it can take up to 6-9 weeks for film completion due to heavy volume of editing that is required for prior wedding projects. Final product can be picked up, delivered or mailed when finished.  DVD copies can be purchased anytime after the wedding up to 6 month after your final film has been sent.


Client shall obtain, pay for and maintain Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions Liability) insurance covering all intellectual property right infringement(s) that arise from any and all uses of the media. Producer will be notified in writing prior to signing this Agreement. Client will obtain and maintain insurance coverage with respect to Agency/Client job(s) at no cost to Producer and name Producer and Director as a “named insured” on said policies prior to the commencement of pre production. All Agency/Client supplied insurance will be deemed to be the primary coverage and issued on a non-contributory basis. Agency/Client Umbrella Liability limit will be $10,000,000. Client will be responsible for any additional insurance premiums resulting from the need to purchase special coverage not provided by the coverage and pay any and all deductibles associate with Client insurance program. Client will indemnify, defend and hold harmless Producer and Director for any and all claims, demands, actions including defense costs and attorneys fees for claims arising from the media(s) and the failure of the Agency/Client insurance program to be as broad as the Producer’s coverage.


A. A contingency day is any day where a scheduled media/film shooting has been prevented from occurring due to circumstances beyond the control of the production company.

B. These circumstances may include but should not be limited to:

(1)   Weather conditions (rain, fog, sleet, hail, or any adverse

(2)   Condition that is not consistent with the prescribed shooting conditions desired by the Client).

(3)   Injury, illness, or absence of client-­‐supplied elements (e.g. key talent, color correct products. 

(4)   “Force majeure” (meaning but not limited to, earthquake, riot, fire, flood, volcanic eruption acts of war, strikes, labor unrests, civil authority, terrorism, and acts of God).

(5)   “Client Insured Re‐Shoots” (any additional days for a job insured by the Client, who is therefore authorizing the expenditure). The Client should be provided with a contingency day cost, which should be approved prior to proceeding with that shoot day.

C. The Production Company recognizes its obligation to minimize Contingency day liabilities and will apply accepted industry cancellation practices.

D. The Production Company will quote the maximum exposure figure (a “not to exceed” figure) as a contingency day cost. This will be a cost per day figure. However, this figure does not include the cost of premiums for crew or suppliers (i.e., should the contingency day fall on weekends, holidays or premium days based on consecutive employment).


Producer is not required to place any final projects on its social media sites nor website.  Producer is also not responsible for uploading the final project to the customer’s social media networks, but will do for an additional fee. If the contracted project is placed on any social media sites, websites or promotional DVD’s, then the Producer (Chaz Reid Films, LLC.) request to be listed for their credits as owner with website information.


Producer asks for a 48-hour verbal and written notice before cancellation. Above Signee automatically forfeits his or her deposit once a cancellation is requested at the Producer's discretion. Producer is not required to reschedule an alternate date different from the original date.


This Agreement and any Addenda attached hereto shall constitute the entire agreement between Producer and Client. Any amendment hereto must be in writing and signed by each party.


It is understood that Producer is the exclusive official videographer retained by the Client to cover this event. The Client regarding all aspects of the production and post-production services grants producer full editorial, production and content control. In the case a particular segment of the event is either not recorded, partially recorded, it is at the sole discretion of Producer as the exclusive Producer. If something occurred at the event that Client does not want to appear on the final edited videotape, the Client must instruct Producer with-in two weeks after the event. Any requests for changes, that are not the result of errors by Producer will be made at the current rate per hour for editing and labor. Producer cannot guarantee video or audio quality due to restrictions imposed at and/or by the event location. Because the videographer cannot interrupt or interfere with the ceremony in any way to correct less than satisfactory shooting conditions, the Client shall insure the placement of the bridal party, officiate(s) and altar decorations does not obscure or block the view of the bride and groom. We are not responsible for shots that are missed or omitted because of videographer being blocked. Producer retains the exclusive right to edit all content.